Whatever You’re In Need Of, We Can Help.

Ed The Treeman offers a wide range of services to help you with whatever you may need. If you have any questions or need a quote for a particular service do not hesitate to contact us.

Pest Magnagement

Our Pest Services Include:

  • Tick Management Spraying & Property Management
  • Hemlock Adelgid Control
  • Oil & Inscticide Sprays
  • Invasive & Noxious Weed Control
  • Herbicide
  • Tree Fertilization
  • Low Presure Deep Root Injection

Bucket Truck Serivce

Ed the Treeman, LLC has all-new model year bucket trucks with working capacities of 60-75 foot reach. Our highly trained crews are EHAP certified and highly skilled in large hazardous takedowns. We can remove trees of any size and from any location. Ed the Treeman, LLC also offers bucket service for Christmas light hanging, flag pole hanging and parking lot light maintenance.

Large Hazardous Tree Takedown

Large Hazardous Tree Removal is our specialty when others cannot handle your tree removal. Ed the Treeman, LLC has NEVER encountered a tree that we could not handle. Our crews have all the right equipment and are highly skilled to tackle any tree out there. We pride ourselves on the safe and uneventful removal of hazardous trees, keeping the owner’s property intact at all times.


The Arboricultural pruning of trees is done for various reasons: storms, age, species, growth habits, lack of maintenance, amongst other conditions that can create problems with tree structure and growth. Here at Ed the Treeman, our skilled Bucket Operators and Climbers use the proper tools and will always follow the latest ANSI A300 pruning standards. Our Arborist can explain terms such as crown thinning, crown reduction, storm clean, elevate, raise, deadwood, and shape. Pruning is performed to take into account the needs of the plant and your aesthetic requirements.

Roofline Triming

We all know New England’s weather, primarily winters, can cause havoc. Trimming overhanging trees away from your roof can save a lot of inconvenience and money, and can most importantly ensure the safety of your family and pets. Not to mention that most people’s prime assets are their homes. Many trees are close to homes, providing an extensive amount of shade as well as an overhang that can and will damage the home’s roof and gutters.

View Enhancement

Did you once have a spectacular view of a distant landscape or desire to view a landscape feature that could enhance your property value? That view is still there- it’s just that the trees have grown in to block the view. Ed the Treeman uses several different pruning methods and/or selective tree removal to ensure that viewers can be achieved. Let our licensed Arborist provide the vision you desire.

Debris & Log Hauling

Ed the Treeman, LLC has various size self- loading trucks from 10-50 yards to haul green waste from your site to an approved disposal site. We also have Ed the Treeman, LLC offers 3 size log hauling units from 15-50 yards to remove old unwanted logs and woodpiles at an hourly rate plus disposal fees. Our crews can use 1 of 3 off-road loaders to move the debris to our equipment for disposal. We also provide 15-yard roll-off dumpsters for green waste as well as construction projects and household clean-up.

Stump Grinding Subcontractor

One of the final steps in tree removal is to grind unwanted and unsightly stumps to finish the job. With 3 different size grinders and our professional crew, we can grind stumps 4-8″ below ground grade and remove grindings upon request. Ed the Treeman will also loam, seed, and fertilize that area to beautify your property.

Firewood Delivery

We deliver cut and split firewood 16-18″ in length as well as cut rounds. Please call our office for current pricing.

Bush Chipping

Ed the Treeman, LLC can accommodate any size of the brush and or grinding with various size wood chippers, tub grinders, and debris hauling equipment. We can quote an hourly price, lump sum, or price per cubic yard.

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